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Julie Weishaar New Horizons 123With over 10 years Corporate Marketing Management Experience, Julie now helps small business owners hone in on exactly what their business offerings are, who their target market is, and come up with creative ways to get their marketing message across to their target at the right time. Based in New York, but with an International target market, she also helps business owners learn how to use video as part of their overall marketing mix. Julie helps business owners strategically plan how to use videos online, increase their web presence, and promote their brand. Say it with Video! Julie has a passion for creating videos and creates and uses videos for business profiles, blog post/articles, product demonstrations, and to showcase talent. Video branding/marketing is the way of the future as video is such a powerful marketing tool. She can create unique and memorable videos about your product or service that will make your brand stand out.

What is Video Marketing?

Branding with video through video ads, business profile videos, social media marketing, Youtube video marketing, and video event marketing. Video is the future of business. New Horizons 123 works with business owners to create videos for you or use the ones you already have and strategically integrate them into branding strategy that will drive traffic to your website and turn more leads into sales.

Why Video Marketing?

  • Turn Your Static Website into a Dynamic, Interactive Destination.
  • Bring Your Articles to Life. Use Video to Educate.
  • Encourage Engagement With Your Brand.

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